Women in Sports and How No One Takes Them Seriously

The Super Bowl is probably one of the most popular days for sports television in America; Super Bowl 50 ended up being the third most watched broadcast in television history. Sports in general are an American pastime: people watch them every weekend, talk about them in every bar and loose money to them more than they’d like to admit.

USA Today released a list of the most famous athletes in America, and of the 25 athletes listed only 3 were women. Danica Patrick, number 24, and the Williams sisters, 8 and 9, managed to make the list. Photos were also ussed to highlight the more famous celebrity athletes.

Michael Phelps (Number 7)

Kobe Bryant (Number 3)

Patrick’s photo was a screen shot from one of her GoDaddy.com campaigns and though we could talk about how she’s pictured as a glamorous, sequined beauty queen while her male counterparts are all in posed playing the sport they’re famous for, what’s the point? We all know why USA Today chose to portray Patrick like this. She’s valued more for her busty beauty than her abilities behind a race car. This is the photo I’d rather see.


What about the Williams sisters?

No sequins, no boobs, just them huddled together with their hands over their mouths looking worried. Is this a photo of two notable female athletes? Or two school girls gossiping behind the lockers? Why can’t we have fantastic action shots like these?



Those are athletes displaying what they’re famous for: strength and skill.

Fact is that there should be more female athletes on this list, and even the women who did make it are not portrayed to the same degree as the men. To counteract this complete lack of representation, I’ve created my own list of the Top Five Most Popular Female Athletes Who Didn’t Make USA Today’s Stupid List.

1) Ronda Rousey


Rousey was the first UFC Bantamweight Champion and the first American woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo (Summer 2008). She’s definitely worth mentioning.

2) Hope Solo


Women’s soccer has been getting crap since its establishment in the 20s, but Solo is a World Cup Champion and a three-time Olympic gold medal winner, so where’s her photo?

3) Gabby Douglas


Besides winning two gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Douglas is the first woman of color to be a champion of the individual all-around competitions. Ever. That’s against every country in the world. Why is this amazing woman not included?

4) Lindsey Vonn


Vonn is one of only two women to win four World Cup overall championships. She also won gold in the 2010 winter Olympics for downhill skiing, the first American woman to do so. Here she is trudging a path in the snow for female athletes everywhere and no one is taking notice.

5) Lolo Jones


Jones is a track and field national title winner and World Indoor Champion. She’s also on the US national bobsled team and won gold in the 2013 national championships. She’s one of few women to have participated in both the summer and winter Olympics.


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