Why is the new “Ghostbusters” trailer so disliked?

The new Ghostbusters remake has officially been named the number one most disliked movie trailer on YouTube. With 591,618 dislikes, it’s officially beaten out previous front runners the Fantastic Four and Ridiculous 6. There could be a number of correlations for this, including the public’s dislike of remakes, but the comments that accompany the trailer seem to tell a different story.

The majority of the comments question the equality of the cast if all of the leading stars are women.






It’s funny, and also completely not funny at all, that these commentators have such an issue with equality when the male gender is underrepresented but could care less when you look at almost every other movie ever made, where women are underrepresented.

The Bechdel Test was invented in 1985 as a way to test the representation of women in film. To pass the test, a movie must have 1) two named female characters 2) who talk to each other 3) about something other than a man. Only 200 movies of 2015 passed.

What the common YouTube commentator fails to realize is that the majority of movies are made to represent men, and when a movie comes along that doesn’t make men feel like they matter, they immediately call it sexist. Most movies are sexist, it’s just that they’re not sexist toward them, so they don’t have a problem with it. When you’ve always had privilege, equality starts to look a lot like oppression, and it’s important that we are able to know the difference.



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